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On our blog we will try to give you as complete an introduction as possible to European intellectual and cultural history. Over time, a wide variety of authors will write on a wide range of topics.

A list of the authors can be found here.

And, of course, we thank you for taking the time and effort to read along here and for your interest in these topics. We wish you much pleasure with it!

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Read collected texts on a special topic, whether on the classical guitar or the painting of the Middle Ages.

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Read entire collections of texts on various topics of European cultural history.

The art of the middle ages

Von Ulrich Henze

Ulrich Henze, takes you on a journey through the art history of the Middle Ages.

The Classical Guitar

Thomas Stiegler

The history of the classical guitar, its works and composers.  To the articles

Famous people

different authors

A selection of historical personalities To the texts

The Operetta

Thomas Stiegler

Introduction to the history of the operetta and its most beautiful works To the texts

Classics of world literature

various authors

Reviews of well known works of classical literature  To the texts

The most popular articles

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H. C. Andersen

Thomas Stiegler

The life of the great storyteller

A prophecy of doom

Lukas Sommer

Why we need the classic authors

Giulio Regondi

Thomas Stiegler

The story of one of the greatest romantic guitarists

The Operetta

Thomas Stiegler

The history of the operetta

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We hope you enjoy our work. Here you will find a list of all authors who are involved in the project.

The project is still under construction and is privately funded. Therefore we are happy about any help, both in financial form and as guest author or freelancer.