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Why this blog?

We want to create a place where the entire knowledge of European art and culture is gathered.

A platform where you can learn, inform yourself or just browse a little.

In order to make this world again experienceable for the people.


… people with your knowledge. Let them participate in a world they never knew existed before.

Make a gift ...

… to give people a new perspective on the world. Change their lives through the power of your words.

Maybe ...

… you are also interested in building a financial foothold with the help of online courses or podcasts.

Writing for the Leiermann

On our blog there will be a comprehensive history of European history and culture. Support us with a text on a selected topic.

What benefit do you get from this?

The entire project is privately funded. Therefore we cannot offer you a fee for your texts for the time being.

But on our platform you will find a culturally interested audience that will reward your further activities.

Furthermore we will continue to support and promote you with all our strength.


Let us start our journey together today!

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As a lecturer

And perhaps we will soon be able to welcome you as a lecturer on our platform!
Thank you for your time and we hope to welcome you soon as an author.

If there are any questions, please write us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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