Around Lake Constance

Jan Hus and Jerome of Prague in Constance

One of the central themes in the history of the city of Constance is the Council, which took place here from 1414 to 1418 and at which, after almost 40 years, the Great Western Schism was ended and a new Pope, Martin V, was elected. Many of today’s still existing …

History of the city of Constance

History of the City of Constance           by Christian SchallerConstance is the largest city on Lake Constance and can look back on two thousand years of history. The Baden-Württemberg city lies directly on the border with Switzerland and...

Salem Monastery and Castle on Lake Constance

Salem Monastery and Castle on Lake Constance   by Daniela Frey Salem is certainly known by name to most people because of the famous boarding school, which is located on a former monastery site. Salem is located in the Linzgau region about 9 kilometres east of...

The Constance painter Marie Ellenrieder

Marie Ellenrieder         by Daniela FreyThe Constance painter Marie EllenriederShe was the first woman to study at a German art college and the first woman to be allowed to paint art for churches in Baden: the Constance painter Marie Ellenrieder...

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