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Emilie Mayer

Emilie Mayer   by Ute-Gabriela Schneppat Emilie Mayer   by Ute-Gabriela SchneppatEmilie Mayer(* 14 May 1812 in Friedland; † 10 April 1883 in Berlin) Emilie Mayer is probably the first professional female composer. In contemporary reviews she was celebrated as a...

Misia – muse, patron and model

Misia – Muse, Mäzenin und Model   von Anja Weinberger   Misia - muse, patron and model           by Anja WeinbergerI first came across the name Misia Sert when I was looking for a topic for my diploma thesis. The course of study...

Anna Bon di Venezia

Anna Bon di Venezia by Anja WeinbergerTruly astonishing things happen when you try to learn more about Anna Bon. Like a mirage, she appears on the horizon of music history in the 1750s, only to disappear again in the mid-1760s. During this rather short period, she...

The women of the Boulanger family

The women of the Boulanger family     by Anja Weinberger The women of the Boulanger family     by Anja WeinbergerThere were three particularly musical women in the Boulanger family. One was named Marie-Julie, a Halligner by birth, and the...
Johann Sebastian Bach’s sonatas for flute

Johann Sebastian Bach’s sonatas for flute

Bach’s sonatas for flute are very different; technically they lie between “can be played by students” and “a challenge every time”. I have been playing some of them since my early days as a flute student and some others have only been in my repertoire for a few years …

The posthumous fate of Ludwig van Beethoven

The posthumous fate of Ludwig van Beethoven

Rest in Pieces   by Rita Klement Rest in Pieces [0] – das posthume Schicksal Ludwig van BeethovensWhen Ludwig van Beethoven was buried in Vienna on March 29, 1827, three days after his death, the crowd was enormous. The funeral had been scheduled for the afternoon...

Antonio Salieri

Antonio Salieri

Antonio Salieriby Andrea StroblMost of us know the film "Amadeus" by Miloš Forman from 1984. When I saw the film for the first time in the cinema, I was most impressed by the character of Antonio Salieri (masterfully embodied in the film by F. Murray Abraham and...

Toni und die Wunderbibliothek

»Toni und die Wunderbibliothek« ist eine Hommage an die Welt der Bücher und eine liebevolle Verneigung vor unserer Geschichte und Kultur.
Bitte unterstützen Sie uns, damit Toni das Licht der Welt erblicken kann!
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