A heart for Porto

A heart for Porto       by Maria Pussig The following story is - in the truest sense of the word - a matter of the heart and is certainly one of the most bizarre incidents in the history of Portugal and the city of Porto. Nevertheless, not many people...

Maria Karolina – the Italian Maria Theresa

Maria Karolinaby Julia MeisterMaria Karolina - the Italian Maria TheresaIt is well known that Maria Theresa liked to bring her daughters to men as profitably as possible in order to consolidate alliances and underpin alliances through marriage. This process was seldom...

The posthumous fate of Ludwig van Beethoven

Rest in Pieces   by Rita Klement Rest in Pieces [0] – das posthume Schicksal Ludwig van BeethovensWhen Ludwig van Beethoven was buried in Vienna on March 29, 1827, three days after his death, the crowd was enormous. The funeral had been scheduled for the afternoon...

Empress Elisabeth is murdered

Empress Elisabeth is murdered   by Katharina Mölk In September 1898, Elisabeth travels to Switzerland for several weeks. In Geneva, she stayed at the Hotel Beau Rivage. Through an indiscretion, the next day the newspaper published the news that the Empress of...
Trockene Blumen

Trockene Blumen

Trockene Blumen by Anja WeinbergerDry flowers - Franz Schubert and his "double" work Franz Schubert's (1797 - 1828)...

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The life of Ida Presti

The life of Ida Presti

   Ida PrestiIda Presti (1924 – 1967), born as Yvette Ida Montagnon, is considered by her admirers to be the greatest...

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