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On our blog we will try to give you as complete an introduction as possible to European intellectual and cultural history. Over time, a wide variety of authors will write on a wide range of topics.

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Stories about the lives of great authors and an introduction to their work.

Classical Music

The world of classical music, from the history of the flute to an introduction to the history of operetta.

Town clerks

Europe’s cities and regions – the old tradition of city writers interpreted in a modern way!

Most popular collections

Read entire collections of texts on various topics of European cultural history.

The history of Austria

By Katharina Mölk

The historian Katharina Mölk takes them on a journey through the history of Austria and to the most beautiful places in Vienna.

The history of the flute

Anja Weinberger

The musician Anja Weinberger takes us into the world of the flute. To the articles

The town clerk of Augsburg

Christian Schaller

Get to know the city of Augsburg and its most beautiful sights.

Famous authors

different authors

Biographies of various authors and authors.  To the articles

Guitar and Lute

Thomas Stiegler

An introduction to the world of the guitar and the lute.  To the articles

The writer-in-residence of Vienna

Katharina Mölk

Art and culture of the capital of the old Habsburg monarchy. To the texts   To the articles

Classics of world literature

various authors

Reviews of well known works of classical literature  To the articles

The most popular articles

Read the currently most popular articles on our blog

Charles Bukowki

Pater Havlik

The life of the great American novelist

Der Lindenbaum

Thomas Stiegler

An introduction to Schubert’s wonderful music

Das 19. Jahrhundert

Alexander Maser

When was the 19th century in Europe?

My year in the no man's bay

Thomas Stiegler

The history of the operetta

At the end

We hope you enjoy our work. Here you will find a list of all authors who are involved in the project.

The project is still under construction and is privately funded. Therefore we are happy about any help, both in financial form and as guest author or freelancer.

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