The history of the flute





“As one of the oldest musical instruments in the world, the flute has throughout its long history always combined the power of the archetypal with the magic of its inherent mutability.” (Mirjam Nastasi)


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The history of the flute

The history of the flute and its music

Here you can find out all kinds of things about the one or other thing that makes a flutist’s heart beat faster. But of course, it is not only flutists’ hearts that are addressed, but also those of other musicians, those of people who just love to make music and those of people who listen to music with enthusiasm. Strictly speaking, everyone will find something here that might interest him or her.

You can find something about the history of the flute, about unknown biographies or you can read about how flute making developed.

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The recorder has existed in Europe since the Renaissance.


Hector Berlioz


“The flute is the most agile of all wind instruments.”


Friedrich Kuhlau


“Through the sound of the flute I promise to turn hate into love.”


Pan flute


Panpipe-like instruments were the predominant type in the early Middle Ages.


Piccolo flute


The piccolo is the highest classical woodwind instrument.


Ricarda Huch


“The deep-sounding flute lures to madness, say the Greeks.”

Cultural stories of flute music

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Cultural histories of flute music – what does it say?

To be honest, it is a very personal book.

Biographies of Quantz, Theobald Böhm, Moyse and other people important to us flutists are combined with chapters on Fauré, Doppler, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach and other composers I particularly enjoy and often play.

In addition, one can learn something about the history of the flute, about flute making and about literature for our instrument in general.

Anja Weinberger

The German flutist Anja Weinberger studied music, musicology, art history and theatre studies at the universities and conservatories in Munich, Mannheim and Erlangen.

She has been artistic director of the “Concerts by Candlelight” in Erlangen since 2011 and of the “Concerts in the Circle of the Year” in Hof since 2014.

Well over 50 works have been composed for her or for her chamber music ensembles in recent years. Of particular note is “Vom Himmel hoch…” – a project in which composers from all over the world take a new look at Advent and Christmas carols, vary them or develop them further.

In addition, one can learn something about the history of the flute, about flute making and about literature for our instrument in general.


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