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Viennese cuisine


Who invented the Gugelhupf? What is a Pofese, why is the Einspänner only found in Vienna or what does Field Marshal Count Radetzky have to do with the Wiener Schnitzel? And do choux pastry doughnuts really come from Burgundy?

Let yourself be seduced by stories and anecdotes about Viennese cuisine and get to know this world in a completely new way.


Also as a book

The book on Viennese cuisine, on the food and drink from the world of the Habsburg monarchy.

It contains the most famous recipes, from Kaiserschmarrn to Backhendl and Esterházytorte.

But what makes the book unique are the many stories that have been collected here.


Franz Sacher, born in 1816, was the inventor of the now famous Sachertorte.


The golden breading of the Wiener Schnitzel is reminiscent of the gold-leaf decoration on dishes in 15th century Venice.


“Well, he’ll just give me the Schmarren that our Leopold has cooked up again.” (Emperor Franz Joseph I).


The Viennese Wäschermädel, of whom we only know the dessert today, were exactly what their name implies: washerwomen.


Just as the reverend lifts his gugel and reveals his tonsure underneath, so it is with the Gugelhupf.


The Esterhazy Torte was created in Budapest in the fin de siècle at the beginning of the 20th century.

Feast and enjoy in Vienna


One of the oldest restaurants in Vienna. A popular meeting place for Viennese artists for many centuries.

Hotel Sacher

The Sacher restaurant and café need no further description!

Restaurant Ofenloch

Reminiscent of the time of the Habsburg monarchy, both in the architecture and the food on offer.


Vienna’s most famous beer garden with a view of the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel.

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